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About us

The Fairplay Affiliates program is a must for all good affiliates. We strive to provide a fantastic casino experience, which generates great conversion and profitability to all our partners. Our online casino offers a huge variety of games and providers that are loved by players from all around the globe. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, trustworthiness and reliability.

Our affiliate website will provide you with all the tools you need to promote the casino and earn high commissions. With lightning fast multi-lingual support, quick and reliable payments, and rich gaming content, we provide our affiliates with the most lucrative platform, so you can concentrate on what you do best – promoting, generating traffic and growing your business.

How it works

We can set up your profile in no time and give you all the tools for you to make money with us.

This is how it all works

Register and complete the short form. Once you’re approved we will give you access to all our marketing material and promotional content.

Select the advertising material and place it on your website, social media or email campaigns.

All of the marketing material will have your unique affiliate code which we will use to identify and track visitors and conversions, and pay you when users sign up and deposit money with us.

Commission Structure

Based on net revenue

€0 - €7500

Net Revenue

25 %
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€7501 - €15000

Net Revenue

30 %
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€15001 - €30000

Net Revenue

35 %
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€30001 - €50000

Net Revenue

40 %
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Net Revenue

45 %
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What we offer

Fairplay Casino is a brand that constantly advances with an ever-growing portfolio of premium casino products.

We provide all the tools you need to build a thriving online affiliate business.

Fairplay Casino is a brand that constantly advances with an ever growing portfolio of premium casino products.

Fairplay Casino Affiliates offers its partners flexibility at premium rates.

Highly competitive commission rates starting with a minimum rate of 25%.

We like to reward our best performing affiliates. Every month we give prizes and special rates for the top performers.

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